I really am terrible at this,

but I will -really- try this time. I seem to have forgotten just how good for me writing is and how much I've enjoyed it.  And while I have traveled further down the road of Personal Growth than I ever thought I would, I seem to have left behind some things that have really, honestly and truly made me happy.

So, here I am. Once again.

So far, all I've managed to do is give this old blog a little face lift, and adding in a few bells and whistles. After just sitting neglected in the vastness that is the nearly inexhaustible universe of the internet, I think that a fresh coat of paint is just what this little space that I have tried to call my own needs.

In the meantime, there is a whole plethora of things that I should be doing today, but it seems I am once again a victim of distraction - I kid you not in saying that I have spent at least the last hour or so piddling around here and not doing much of anything else. Meanwhile, I have the world's largest pile of laundry to be doing, there are dishes that need washing - a constant struggle - plus, our landlord is making an appearance later on this evening to do battle with our mold ridden side porch and despite the fact that it is nearly three in the afternoon, I remain in a state of unkempt bliss, parading around in a baggy old sweat shirt and fleece pajama bottoms.

I feel as if there should be more to say, after such a long absence - but really, what could I say? I have come to the conclusion that sometimes I tend to over-share. And while the internet can be a great place to just unload and unburden yourself to a bunch of anonymous, faceless people whom you don't know - and in the not knowing of them, find it easier to reveal bits of yourself under the assumption that no one is really judging - but that strategy can prove fatal. Some things were never meant for public and worldwide consumption on the internet. And so, while I will tell here things of vague generality, or of instances that have made me smile, please do not wait for great moments of life affirmation, or self awareness, or great personal growth. These moments are of an intensely personal nature and should be shared with those around me with whom I share a relationship of mutual love, friendship and respect. That's right internet. I have just built myself a fence - a proverbial boundary to keep the multitude of anonymous eyes and faceless peeping Toms out of a space that I have claimed my own. True, there will be times when I invite you in to share something with but I won't over share with you, if you don't overshare with me. Therefore, let me establish broad categories of accepted conversation between us.

Books and authors; a relatively safe ground for all. From this we can debate at length, though in a friendly manner, preferences, likes and dislikes of favorite authors, books, graphic novels, and maybe even small tidbits of a daily affirming nature of self love and self improvement.

Television and movies; at this particular moment Game of Thrones is consuming my life. In the near future I expect that the sixth season of TRUE BLOOD will as well as it has in the past. Also expect some fangirl gushing over WINGS, HEMLOCK GROVE, HOUSE OF CARDS, VAMPIRE DIARIES, and MAD ABOUT YOU.

Gardening; i'm trying my hand at it this year for the first time in ages and while my little experiment continues at a slow and steady pace, it is a small thing of which I take some pride in. On a side note to this, I left my cucumbers out overnight. There was an unexpected drop in the temperature (at least, I wasn't expecting it) and I think that I just might have committed manslaughter against a dozen or so innocent cucumber and cilantro plants. However, my garlic, green onion and bell pepper plants all remained indoors yesterday and are thriving. Rescue attempts for the cucumbers are underway.

Health and Fitness; an area of inconsistency in my life, I will be the first to admit. So be prepared for struggles and victories, and probably some post-workout whining as I give aching and sore muscles a voice. Also, there might end up being a rant or two involved of various things related to the gym.

Travel; my honey and I like to take small week end trips to places - usually Sudbury, North Bay, or Ottawa. We just recently came back from Ottawa and it was pure bliss. We had such a good time! So, there will be elaborations on that.

I think that just about covers everything. And so, with this list of mutually agreed upon conversation topics, I leave you for the day. It's probably time to start putting the house in order so I don't look like a totally incompetent house wife.


  1. Love the new look to the site! Keep writing, keep posting, and you'll build an audience. Oh, and thanks for the link back my way. ;)

    Keep chugging on the track, A.!

    j. //

  2. Thank YOU (!!!!) J!

    I'm so stoked that you stopped by! I feel no shame in admitting that I had a moment of pure fangirl-dom!


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