Even In Darkness Blog Tour - The Final Day

It's true. I cannot lie. Well, at least not to you guys anyway. I haven't read all the books in this series by Cyndi Tefft. Yet. They're on my list, I swear! I did read Between, however, and after a little trepidation near the beginning, I loved it!

Here's what I knew about Between before I started reading it.

Nothing. Nadda. Zip. Zilch. ZERO. In fact, darling readers, I didn't even know who Cyndi was! Thankfully, I was introduced to her and was told that given the fact that I adored Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series, then there was really no good reason on Earth that I wouldn't like the Between series. Delightful Scotsmen aside, I have to agree.

So, what did I do based upon this recommendation from a far away and perfect stranger? Why, I went to amazon.ca of course and got Between in e-book form! I kid you not friends, I devoured it! I will say this, there is no mistaking that our dear sweet Aiden MacRae is modeled after Himself, James Alexander Malcom Mackenzie Fraser aka JAMMF. The resemblance is there, and there is a tribute to the Outlander series throughout the entire book - a fact that Cyndi makes well known in the foreword of her book, giving thanks to Herself, Diana Gabaldon, for her wondrous creation of Jamie and Claire. But, we are not here today, to discuss Jamie and Claire, although I am sure that we all could ... and at great length.

Instead, this is for Aiden and Lindsay. It took me several chapters to really warm up to this couple. I will be honest, but i think that was more or less my own fault because I was so busy pointing out to myself as I was reading "oh, this is from Outlander!" and "Oh, they did this is Voyager!" and sometimes "Hey, that's the same name as Jamie's uncle!" Really, I think I might have spoiled the book a little for myself doing that. But, I kept reading!

I simply had to! And while I have no doubt that most of you that have found your way here by way of the blog tour have read Between and the other books (possibly and probably several times by now) I don't want to give too much away to any potential readers that might be lurking quietly in the back, hoping to be unseen and unheard as they just might prefer to be left alone. But anyway ... when Lindsay wakes up ...

OH MY GOD, I NEARLY DIED! (HA! See what I did there?)

It was from this point onwards that I simply just couldn't put my e-reader down. I was hardly even able to sleep! Well, that's a lie. I actually didn't sleep and was up until 3am reading until I had finished! I quite simply had to find out what happened! Thankfully, there was a beautiful ending and I was able to go to sleep relatively peacefully.

However, there are still two more books to be read!

Here'a a wee blurb about Transporter, the second in the Between series:

Aiden MacRae has been given a new life after being stuck transporting souls to heaven for the last three hundred years. He doesn't know the culture, the times or the slang, but there is one thing he does know: he didn't come forward alone. 

The master of hell has other plans for the Scottish Highlander and has sent a transporter of his own to get the deed done. Will Lindsey be able to save him or get caught in the crossfire?

Now, I'm not sure about anybody else, but a character who's a Hell Transporter conjures all sorts of images for me. Think Snape, Voldemort, Darth Vader and Jack Randall all rolled in to one - that's what I think of. Someone (or something) entirely dastardly and mean and just plain ... creepy.  

And then of course, we have the third installment and the reason for this blog tour - Even In Darkness.

I thought it was over, that all our troubles were behind us.

We had a fairytale castle wedding surrounded by family and friends. Aiden wore a dress kilt, looking so handsome it made my heart squeeze, and I floated on air in a white version of the ball gown he’d cast for me in Versailles. Flower girl, ring bearer, Scottish ceilidh afterward—check, check, and check. It was perfect.

We were supposed to live happily ever after.

But that was before I walked in to find another woman in his bed, a demon with blood red eyes who’d disguised herself as me in order to get what she wanted most: a child from a heaven transporter.

And it was in that moment—watching my entire world crumble to the ground—that I knew.

This was not over. Not by a long shot.


See?! Now I'm hyperventialting. I can't even begin to imagine just how exactly Aiden finds himself in bed with a woman who isn't Lindsay but ... is.  Well now. I guess I'll just have to go out and buy them!!

Well, ladies and gentlemen ... this is it. The last day of the blog tour! Thank for being on this ride with us this last week. The train has a few more stops to make before reaching it's end so be sure to check out these other blogs today and share in the love of Cyndi Tefft and sweet sweet Aiden MacRae.

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