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Today was incredibly productive. I sometimes amaze myself. I was at the bank talking about a tax-free savings account ( I know, how grown up does THAT sound) and we ended up talking about me potentially going to Korea. Now, one of the women who works at the bank, her older daughter who I went to school with was over there for 3 years teaching with a different school. She was in Seoul and -loved- it. So, now I'm considering applying to the school she was with YES Youngdo.

I also cleaned out my car today too! And washed it! I know! And it was sunny outside today and warm and beautiful and so lovely! And now my car is all clean shiny! The hinges were even greased in the doors, and I used windex on the windows, and I even washed and cleaned the sideboards and everything else! I couldn't believe how grubby, messy and dirty it had gotten after all winter. My problem is, is that I don't take care of things. I filled a plastic shopping bag with garbage and various bits of debris that all came out of my car .. mostly tucked underneath the seats. But no, my little red beauty is stain (mostly)! The spilled coffee is gone from the driver side door, the spare change is nestled lovingly in my pants pocket, and all that's left out there is a quart of oil, the windshield scraper, and a spare pair of shoes as well as various CDs.

Mark, Adam, and Leah spent time outside with me too and I had a chance to take some really cute pictures of them all. Mark has been getting awful nosebleeds lately, and it seems nobody knows why. He had one today during supper. It was surprising that he didn't let it drip all over his BBQd hamburger - which were so delicious! But anyway ... half a box of tissues later and we had the nosebleed under control. Mark needed to get talked into finishing the rest of his hamburger but it was either leave it unfinished and no bedtime snack, or eat it all and get a lunch. So, he ate it. Adam on the either hand ... was a little more contrary and didn't want any and made it clear he didn't want his bedtime snack either. So he kept his hamburger for him .. maybe he'll have it later. It isn't very often that Adam doesn't eat all his food. If anything he eats and eats and eats! Mark is the picky eater in the family, so it was a real victory today that Mark ate all his hamburger without too much fuss.

Leah has an appetite like Adam. She eats everything! She just recently turned one, and she's the most precious angle ever. During supper tonight she had her banana's and custard babyfood, some soft cheese, and some of my green salad - which included muchrooms, cheese, ham, and salad dressing. She loved every bite! She's such a pleasant baby. I'm so glad on days like these that I moved home to spend time with them. It makes life worth it, it really does.

I really never meant to gush in and one about my nephews and niece, but sometimes I can't help myself. Talking about them today seemed a whole lot easier then going on and on about Tax Free savings accounts and ESL Schools in Korea. I did look Wonderland's website up again on the internet though, and I found a number for them. So, perhaps I'll call them myself. I need some advice there though. I don't know if calling them is the right thing to do .. does it make me look too forward? Too desperate? This is all so confusing sometimes. But still, I feel like I'm taking control of things in my life. I don't know how well it's going to work out in the end but at least I'm doing something, right?

I've also had a sort of revelation lately. I'd forgotten how much I love to write. I've gotten back into some great stuff lately and it seems that my day really isn't complete unless I can spend an hour or two writing. I have exercise books FULL of old writing stuff, that I started when I was young. I think I started a murder-mystery story once but it revolved around a tribe of Native Americans. At the time I was really into the books by W.Michael Gear and Kathleen O'Neal Gear. They really are wonderful books - I used to really love them but I've gotten out of them over the last few years. Stephen King is a fabulous read too .. Diana Gabaldon, Jacqueline Carey .. and my new favorite Neil Gaiman! -swoons- I found him on Twitter.

Yes. I joined Twitter. I am of the tragic. I really shouldn't have. Srsly. It was a bad move. I have enough vices on the internet as it is . Twitter is the devil, and Facebook is it's hot, underage daughter. I blame Dee. Srsly. It's her fault. If I become a shut on and start reading Twitter and mumbling incoherently to myself .. blame her. She introduced us .. against her better judgment I might add! -huffs-


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