Today is absolutely gorgeous! Right now, as I am tying this I am sitting on my mother's front deck, with a half drunk mug of coffee, a lukewarm bottle of water and my laptop (obviously) wearing my new sunglasses soaking up all the warm and delicious sunshine! The dog is napping blissfully on the small worn mat by the front door and everything is right with the world.

Well. Almost everything.

The stunning dress that I bought two years ago in Florida doesn't fit and I was planning on wearing it to the graduation ceremony on Tueday - ohmygoshitsalmosthere!!! It was a slighty traumatic experience. I will have to find a picture of the dress and show you. It really is quite something. It seems that I've obviously put on weight over the last two years. my favorite pair of camoflauge shorts don't fit me properly anymore either. I've realized that I'm starting to suck in my small protruding belly to get into ym clothes. It does not please me. At all. So I've been trying to diet.

Notice I said trying. Portion control is my biggest obstacle. you see.. for many years now I have been having a mad, love affair with food. I do love it so. I could eat and eat until I explode. So now my biggest problem is trying to cut out th eunhealthy snacks .. or at the very least substitute the big bag os LAYS poatoe chips for a smaller helpng (14 to be exact) of multigrain nacho chips and a few slices of cheddar cheese. And fruit. Lots of fruit. This morning for breakfast I had a whole wheat grilled cheese sandwich and a bowl of fruit - strawberries, pinepple, cantelope, and honeydew melon. There was also whipped cream .. but I didn't take any. I'm also trying to get obn the treadmill regularly. I should probably get on today before I get ready for work. I haven't been on in the last couple of days - my legs have been a little on the sore side. I guess half an hour of running is bound to take a toll somehow, right?

I am simply in awe of the sun right now. Srsly. I'm here sitting and overlooking the whole town - the benefits of living on a hill. The harbour is a beautful shade of sapphire, the leaves on the trees, which normally aren't out this early in the year, are the deepest most stunning green. The grass isn't fairing so well yet. It could do with some grass seeds and a gentle sprinkle of rain. Hear that Mother nature - I said gentle. Gentle warm rain. Romantic rain. There isn't a single cloud in the sky and it's a perfect blue canvas. Cars are freshy washed, and as the drive along the main road across our meagre little beach they are dazzling and sparkling. The trees on the hill on the opposite side of the harbour and thick and full of green, and even the cliffs and pastures for animal grazing look beautiful to me today. Normally, I would dismiss them with a sigh of irritation but on days like this you can daydream about pirates and caves filled with hidden pirate teasure - a notion which isn't too far fetched for this little town is home to one of the most romantic pirate legends of all. the pirate Peter Easton and his bride Princess Sheila NaGeria! I will have to look up their history and tell you about them.

The kids are outside today as well. Matthew and Anne just took Adam and Leah to the playground. It's such a beautiful day, with just the right amount of a breeze for it not to be sweltering that spending the day inside should be considered a crime against nature. I was even awake early enough this morning that I've been able to spend at least two or three hours outside sitting in this glorious light. Of course, my 9.30 am rise might have been slightly attributed to the fact that I was in bed and asleep before 10.30 last night. A mild shocker to anyone who truly knows me. Normally, getting to bed before 2am is considered early. But given that the two days previous I had been woken up before 9am (8.10am one day, and 8.45 another) meant that an early night was necessary. I even napped on the sofa last night after stuffing my face with home made fish cakes!

Srsly .. my Mom makes the best fishcakes known to man. They are given a light dusting with some flour (not Gluten free I'm afraid so those of you with wheat allergies.. sadly, I cannot give you a suitable recipe. Gluten free flour is something hard to come by from what I understand) and fried in a hot pan. I can't remember if there was oil used or not. Truly, I am living the life right now. I feel totally spoiled living with my parents. There are BBQs every other day, fresh green salads that I make .. endless amounts of fruit and a hot cup of coffee either from McDonalds or Tim Horton's every morning! Now, if you haven't tried McDonalds coffee .. srsly - you have to. It's is really, really good. It's made from Arabica beans - or so it says on the cup.

I'm also loving Twitter. Lady Gaga of Poker Face fame is now following me. I am that cool that I have celebrities following me! Forgive me if my ego runs away with me temporarily. I've also tweeted P. Diddy, John Mayer, Ashton Kutcher and Ellen DeGenerous in hopes of luring them to Tweet me back .. but all attempts have thus failed. I do love Twitter. It allows for a certain degree of anonymous internet obsession that is perfectly socially acceptable. I love it!

I've also discovered FoxyTunes! if you don't have it by now .. you really should get it you know. It's a wonderful little add on to your brower (Firefox in my case) and it allows you to tag your internet posts with what music you are listening to. They even have a feature for Twitter clled TweetTunes, which I have so far resisted in downloading although the TweetPic is starting to look more and more appealing to me. Coldplay puts up about a billion pics everyday and some of them are really quite stunning. Chris Martin looks absolutely irresistible in some of them.

But, the time has come in which I think I have babbled on long enough and while I feel energized enough, I should really get in on that treadmill and flick on either MuchVibe or BPM.TV and get in a workout before I shower and depart for my last shift of work! I'm a little excited about that prospect. I wonder if I'll cry. For some reason, I don't think so. And at some point this week end there will be dancing!

Happy Friday!!!


  1. Happy Friday to you as well rebel <3



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