Well then...

... things haven't gone exactly as I had planned over the last little while. Korea still tends to be the sleeping giant of possibilities in my life right now. I can't help but think that I was getting led down the garden path by them, to be honest. I sent them my application via the school's website and never heard from them for a couple of weeks so I sent them an e-mail letting them know I had applied. Not even an hour has passed before I get an e-mail from them saying that they reviewed my application and wanted to set up an interview. Now, due to the difference in time zones scheduling an interview was going to be a bit tricky and they told me that they would reschedule for some 'next week.' Well, next week has come and gone, and has turned into an entire month. A month, I say! So. There you have it. I was rejected before I even had a chance to get a bid on acceptance.

Rejection in any and all forms sucks. And I've come to learn over the last little while that I don't take rejection very well. Here I am, a grown woman and I can't cope with rejection. But, I will say this though. It's Korea's loss. I have other things on my plate to deal with right now, and not the least of which is quitting my job that lasted a month shy of 4 years.

Yes, I am leaving Please Mum. At the moment, there are details that I don't wish to discuss because things could get rather messy. But in time once I've gotten settled with a new job (I've yet to confirm any possibilities and/or opportunities with anyone) I will sit down and enlighten you all as to why I left. For right now, I will say this. Please Mum is a great company, but store management leaves some things to be desired. Dee baby, I know you keep tabs on me and you of all people will appreciate that sentiment. You know, I really should tell you all about Dee. She is quite simply 'my Dee.' I love her. Truly. She makes me laugh all the fuckin' time. I think that over the almost year -gasp!- that I've known her, we've have maybe .. and I'm being generous here... two serious moments between us.

A typical day for Dee and I starts and ends with talking in British accents, which we do quite well, thank you. She has also mastered 1940 black and white mob talk. We dance - all.the.time. It helps that the music at work is from a 1980s dance party. We rock. She does the Running Man. Sunday, it was hilarious. I can't quite remember how the conversation went, but it ended with Dee and I shoulder to shoulder singing "The Heat Is On" together on cue and both of us acting independently of the other. It was beyond awesome. She also does, on occasion, bring in the most divine of all treats ever to be created involving chocolate. A skinny Chocolate Chiller from SecondCup - a little coffee shop that's right across from where we both work at the moment. Srsly. It's divine. It's powdered chocolate over crushed ice and milk with whipped cream on top. Oh.My.God. She also made me a fantastic CD featuring Kayne West and LMFAO, which I -being a complete dunderhead (yes, I said dunderhead)- went and left at work. Could I be any more of a douche? I'm so looking forward to it. Dee's CDs always rock. For two white girls, we should have been born a little more black. I think our love of hip hop is borderline blasphemous.

Of course, not that that is all we listen to. Dee is a die hard Kelly Clarkson fan. "My Life Would Suck Without You" is a current favorite track of mine. Of course, it does have stiff competition from Amy MacDonald's "Poison Prince."

And, on a completely unrelated topic - I'm addicted to Twitter. Even moreso now that I've downloaded TweetDeck. It keeps all my notifications in one nice neat little package and I can actually keep things organized. TweetDeck keeps track of not only Twitter updates, but Facebook too! I'm in such trouble. I actually spent most of the day on Twitter, looking at pictures from Lance Armstrong and Coldplay, and streaming video from Ashton Kutcher on the set of his new movie with Usher called Five Killers. It keeps me so occupied, it's rather scary.

I've also done some blog-creeping today as well and added a few blogs for you all that also provide endless hours of enjoyment and amusement for me. The only thing wth blogs however, as you may have noticed, is that I don't commit to them regularly. I forget to read them, and I am even worse at trying to remember to write in them. But I am trying. I promise. If you read - you must comment.

If you comment, I shall write!


  1. My dearest lovermuffin,
    I can not even start to tell you how empty work will be without you .. the Phyllis to my Bernice.To know that i will have to work a lonely shift without dancing, singing, or random conversations in even more random accents, will hurt my heart. But i know that its what you must do. You have greater things to achieve (and i know you will!) and I will be right there to support you. Cuz you know, I can not stand between my Phyllis and her dreams! Now, this does not mean you have to stay away from town .. OH NO! You must make regular trips to see me, and we will pick up on our BBC adventures! When you do come to visit me, I will be sure to have new and exciting accents waiting for you. I love ya darlin, and not Please Mum nor Korea for that matter will change that! In the words of Bernice McKay herself, "Reporting live for the BBC News, Im Bernice McKay. GoodNight and have a pleasent tomorrow" LOVE YOU!!! <3


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