Girls Day Out

Today was fantastic. I've discovered over the last few years how much I adore my mother. In some ways, she's like my best friend, and spending the day together like we did today was just one of the ways that I realize of just how awesome and important to me she is.

My mom can shop like nobody's business, and today was no exception. We left early this morning fueled by coffee and French Vanilla cappuccino. The first stop was at an arts and crafts shop where Mom picked out a new sweater pattern and some wool so that she has something new to knit. A friend of my brother is getting married, and his fiance is pregnant, so now Mom has something so adorably cute to knit for them. She knits like a fiend. Growng up, Mom always knit myself and my 2 older brothers a new sweater for Christmas, if we wanted them. I went through a phase where I had to have everything two sizes too big, and I'm sure that I could have fit another body underneath my sweater with me. It's probably still too big for me.

Then, after that we hit up Winner's. I found the cutest little outfit for Leah - and at 15 bucks it was a steal. I decided she simply had to have it. It's this beautiful little sun dress, that has flowers and gold colored embroidery all over it. And it has matching bloomers! I will have to take a picture of her in it, and show you all.

Then, it was time for lunch, so it was off to Swiss Chalet! We were there for about an hour or so, chatting over soup, salad, bread sticks and chicken. We met a friend of ours there as well. We sat around like a group of little hens talking about everything from the kids, to camping trips when we were all younger, to teeth! There were plenty of hugs and kisses to go around afterwards. And then it was off to the mall to get some serious shopping. I actually bought a shirt for myself! Something I rarely tend to do. But, it's purple and cute and I love it! Next, we went to Bootlegger where Mom picked up an early birthday gift for me - a totally kick.ass raspberry colored BENCH jacket. Yeah, you heard me. I have a BENCH jacket? Are you jealous? You should be. I also had a coupon for Bootlegger that gave me 20% off any item in the store - which makes my jacket that much better! I almost never got the coupon though! It took three tries, with three different printers to get the stupid thing printed off but an early morning phone call to Dee and it was a done deal. Dee -so-saved my ass this morning, so I told her that she could borrow my jacket sometime.

Next, we hit up Eddie Bauer - where I work! Mom to got to meet my 3 managers, which was nice. I picked out another shirt for Dad for Father's Day - which happens June 21st just inc ase some of you have forgotten - and got Mom 2 new shirts! All using my kick ass Employee Discount! I tried on a few things as well, but unfortunately I just wasn't feeling it when I tried it on. The shirt is beautiful, and has embroidery done around the neck, hem and cuffs in this amazing shade of blue that has a camisole dyed to match. The colors are beautiful but I don't think it suited me quite as nice as I wanted. I also tried on another shirt and a pair of capri's but they didn't fit right either. But, I do have 2 polo shirts from work already, plus a new dress - which I will also have to show you. I love the dress. And not only because it's amazing . but because it's a size 10 and I love that I can still fit into a size 10!! It makes the tragedy of not fitting into my other dresses a little more bearable.

Next, it was off to RW&CO where Mom found herself this stunning new shirt. It's salmon colored, with a very attractive square neck that is trimmed with a little bit of white, and a light pony brown color. She looks amazing in it. There were also a million and one jackets she saw that she liked, and a pair of dress pants. Her birthday and anniversary are coming up in August so she left me with lots of great little ideas for things to get for her.

A short trip to the bookstore and the coffee shop and McDonald's and we were driving home! The weather was miserable, but we had such fun I don't think we noticed it very much! And now, I think I might go climb into a nice hot bath. Too bad I'm out of bubble bath though. But I think I have some Johnson's baby wash which will suffice. I really must remember to buy some more bubble bath at The Body Shop the next I'm at the mall - which will likely be tomorrow.

Right, so a bath and my book are my big plans for the rest of the night. I've started reading another Diana Gabaldon book called A Breath Of Snow And Ashes. She has another one coming out too and I'm very excited about it. Not to mention the slew of books that Neil Gaiman has coming out! And Jacqueline Carey is due to have another one out, and Laurell K. Hamilton has her 17th ( I think) Anita Blake novel coming out soon! Can you imagine ... writing 17 books? I find it difficult enough sometimes to write 17 blog posts let alone entire books. That woman is a machine! I foresee a long, sun shiny summer filled with lots of good books!


  1. also, I can never post with my wordpress account. BLOGGER SUX!

  2. A BENCH jacket! they're only the most hottest brand name jackets, ever! True, they're expensive (this one was 125 plus tax). I will take a picture of it at some point - hopefully posing with lots of 'tude and show you just how fantastically, orgasmically awesome it is.


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