Several Mornings Later..

... and I still feel the same. Turning 26 was easier than turning 25. Although, the thought of being another year closer to 30 makes waves of ice cold panic race through me. But I'll cross the inevitable chasm of turning 30 when I get there. -shudder-

Birthday's in the middle of the week have always been difficult to plan celebrations. Add to this the fact that I was working almost every day, and Dev was working two and three jobs almost every day so by the time we had any free time, we were more than a little tired. And, I'm still sick as well which sorta cramped our plans. Mom and Dad came in and took me out to supper, which was lovely. We ate at Montana's and despite it being a little rowdy and every second table having a birthday...

The lucky celebrant was crowned with moose antlers and a song was sung, turning every eye in the restaurant to this individual. I discreetly asked our server to skip the hat and song. I wasn't nearly drunk enough to allow an entire restaurant to join in the embarrassing song that announced my birthday. There would have been a song, cake and candles later that night but I wasn't feeling all that hot and by the time Dev, Jen, and Big P and I were all in one place I was asleep in Dev's bed with the book he gave me about Vito Rizzuto face up in my lap. The cake was delicious, made from vanilla and chocolate cupcakes and smothered with icing and Jen wrote 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISSUS' in tri-colored frosting on it!

Jen took one cupcake from one corner while I was asleep, and after I took the next one when I woke up, I decided I had better take a picture while it still resembled a cake and not a mass of mangled icing and sprinkles. I cannot even begin to tell you how good it was. Although, I'm sure my waistline has expanded an extra inch or two over the course of eating ridiculous amounts of junk food for four whole days.

I also received a few books for my birthday! Dev gave me one called The Sixth Family - it's about the fall of the Five Families in the United States and how it allowed for the international growth of a Sicilian Mafia family that was based out of Montreal, Quebec. I haven't gotten far enough in it to tell you whether or not I like it, but it's the third book about the Mafia that I've gotten my hands on so far. Not perhaps the most genteel subject for a 'lady' to be reading but it's beyond fascinating. My nephews also gave me another Neil Gaiman book called Stardust. Again, I haven't gotten far enough into it to give you any of the particulars but so far I've been introduced to a town named Wall, and a 6 foot opening in a vast granite wall (where the town takes its name from) that it guarded day and night to prevent people from coming and going back and forth to a mysterious and very large meadow. I follow Neil on Twitter so I am quite confident that in the very near future I will be giving him a rave review tweet about it. It's also bee made into a movie (the novel, not my epically awesome tweet to Neil) but from what I've heard, the movie isn't as good as the book; following in the footsteps of most book-to-movie innovations.

For now, that's all I'm going to say about my birthday. It hasn't been truly and drunkenly celebrated as yet. So, don't fret, for there will be other posts, and more pictures! In the meantime, I do believe that I need to get to cooking myself a proper meal. Chips and cupcakes don't really suffice. Although, I've no idea what to eat. I'll have to run to the grocery store tomorrow and pick up a few things. I do have to say though that some Chinese food would be wonderful. I'm already running through different menu options already. I wish I knew how to cook Chinese .. it'd be so much cheaper than take out...

When I was little, Daddy used to make Chinese food for us. I remember once he cooked us tofu with these delicious little orange crispy little noodles. The house would smell wonderful for the rest of the day. Even thinking about it now makes me salivate.

Right - off the bottom cupboard in the kitchen where Mom keeps the take out menus!


  1. are you shuddering at hitting thirty? Shut up bitch. I'll be 33 this year, do you see me shuddering? 30 is actually a very nice age. I am mad in love with my 30's.

    Also, I didn't know Neil Gaiman wrote Stardust! I haven't read it, but the movie is so brilliant.

    Happy birthday you old twerp. xx


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