FMG - Not Foly Mucking God!!!!

I have not neglected you. At all. I promise. I suddenly seemed to have possibly bitten off more than I can chew - maybe. Want a brief run-down? No? Too bad.

Thursday I'm in a fashion show - yes, I'm sort've a model .. I think. We'll see.

Friday I move into my boss's house for 2 weeks while she goes to Florida and I get to watch her gorgeous boxer Molly!

Four days after Jackie comes back I go to Toronto for five days and live it up with Swati.

Then, three or four days ater THAT I have another fashion show to do on the 30th of August!

Then, classes start back up at MUN again - for which I may not receive a loan because the government likes to jerk me around like that. October is gonna roll around and there's a HUGE fashion show coming up, with all proceeds going to the Canadian Cancer Society, then it's Halloowe'en .. and then ..-deep breath- it's CHRISTMAS!

I just said the dirty 'C' word ....

But yes can you believe it! I signed with a modeling agency! Listen to me .. I sound so vain. Really, it's not something I don't think I will actively pursue it's just really something fun to do. Dev has started doing it as well, so I look at it as more of something we can do together. Thursday should be fun - I will definitely be blogging about it, and will hopefully have some great pictures to show you all. I have a few other friends who are in the show as well, plus I think I've invited almost every one I know to this thing! The girls at work are STOKED! I can't wait for them to come and see me strut it on the catwalk! -giggles- I even know fashion lingo - how weird does THAT sound!?

Ok. I know it's short and sweet today .. but srsly.. my legs are SO itchy! I need a bath so I can go shave and relax! The fact that it's 12am is not a pertinent observation and of totaly insignificance.


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