Rebellion's Ultimate Macaroni and Cheese

1 onion finely chopped
4-6 strips of bacon, fat trimmed and fried
I pkg of Kraft Tex Mex Cheese
I can of Cream of Mushroom soup
Bread crumbs
2 cups elbow pasta
Garlic powder
Parmesan Cheese

Trim the fat from bacon before frying – a (slightly) healthier option for those who want one. But, don’t worry, you’ll still have enough of the fat left to not even need any oil. I usually drain off some of the bacon grease when cooking, but this time I left some in the pan to fry up the chopped onions. When frying the onions, I also added a sprinkle of pepper.

In a separate saucepan, bring lightly salted water to boil – your going to add your elbow pasta to this. Meanwhile, in a smaller saucepan you’re going to start making your cream of mushroom soup. You can follow the directions on the can (the one I used for called for ½ can of milk and another ½ can of water .. but you can skip the water and use a full can of milk – using your can of soup as the measurement device). If you like a really creamy mac and cheese, you can add more milk as you like.

When your making the mushroom soup, you’ll need to stir it – a lot. It comes out of the can in giant congealed glops, and looks generally disgusting. It is not, I assure you, a reflection of the taste. Now, as your soup is cooking you can add some of your Tex Mex cheese and let it all melt together – and you can add your onions too!

Now, once that’s done your going to want to mix together your soup and macaroni in a separate, a slightly large dish. Be carful, the bowl is hot. I forgot this small piece of culinary wisdom and nearly burned my fingers when mixing my delicious and aromatically orgasmic ingredients together.

Now it comes time to put it altogether so it becomes one great culinary masterpiece of which epic tales of greatness will be told. People will come from near and abroad to get even just the tiniest whiff of this concoction. Don’t believe me? Sample what your cooking. See? Wasn’t I right? You are making something so ultra fantastic, amazingly delish, and chock full of uber awesome calories that your taste buds orgasms are having orgasms!!

Alright, now that you’ve mixed and churned everything together and are no doubt covered in tiny blobs of goodness it’s time to get it ready for the oven! Set your cooking device to its optimal cooking temperature and while your waiting for it to heat up, your going to put your mac and cheese in its baking dish in layers. Yeah, that’s right. Layers. You can, in addition and only if you wish, grease your baking dish. I didn’t. We’ll see what happens. Now your first layer is your macaroni – over this you add your bacon. Just remember to cut it in small bits because you want enough to get you through a couple of layers. And you also add more cheese. Then macaroni. Then bacon. Then Cheese. Now, once you’ve added your last bit of macaroni you sprinkle bread crumbs over top of it. And, as the final piece de resisitance you can sprinkle a little dusting of parmesan cheese and some garlic powder. Now, stick it in the oven to bake – uncovered - and tell me what happens!


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