Toronto Vacation - Update One

So far Toronto is awesome!

The first day I arrived was pretty laid back and casual - although I did spend a few hours kicking around the airport waiting for my friend to come get me. Apparently, I'm a dumbass. Yes I know, this comes as quite a shocker to you - but even people of such high levels of greatness such as myself are not beyond pure and total levels of dumbassery. I told my friend Swati that I was coming on Thursday (aug. 20th) - when in actual fact I was coming on Wednesday (Aug. 19th). So you see now why I had to wait around the airport. But it was good though! There were limos outside that were available to people (and trust me, I was very tempted to get in one and just .. go). BUT, there were also dinosaurs in the terminal okay! Real, honest and for true dinosaurs! I couldn't just leave them there! They were hungry - they had wasted away to nothing but bones! Anyway, Swati comes to get me and we make use of the public transit system. I have to say ... it's puts OUR public transit to.shame. For real. This system is so organized .. and usually runs ON TIME!! I KNOW! Clockwork people. Clockwork. And, have I mentioned what a fabulous little place this is to just sit and people watch? There is never a dull moment.

And gay people - there are gay people EVERYWHERE!!! It's like they walk around in packs! But they're adorable! I even saw one today in cut off black denim shorts! Dee ... I couldn't help but think of you.

But anyway .. we get to Swati's apartment and then we wander out for food and groceries and we try this absolutely fabulous Thai restaurant called Green Thai. Oh.Emm.Gee internet Oh.Emm. Eff.Gee. They had the best chicken curry I have ever tasted! Green curry is a little different than Indian curry and it has a coconut-milk type of base ... holy fuck. It was absolutely divine!

Then yesterday .. we shopped. All day. Right through thunder storms and torandos we shopped. It was fabulous. The heat gave me a bit of a headache but it was fantastic! I bought some KILLER clothes for not only me but my fam as well! And we shopped again today too. It was bad. I now officially love the Eaton's Center. There were 2 tornado's that hit though - which is a weird occurance for here apparently. And according to my Mom, NL is supposed to get by a hurricane on Sunday night, which thankfully I will miss because I will be soaking it all up here in TO!

We went into this store called H&;M - I easily dropped over 200 bucks in there. But I got some great stuff though! I promise! I dunno how I'm gonna keep the guys offa me when I get back home. I suspect I may have to beat them off with sticks! After H&M we hit Dundas Square where there were all these different stalls and people were selling things. I bought a ring from stainless steel that has a purple cubic zirconia in it and had a time watching some BBoyz perform. Dee baby, don't worry. I took videos. Just for you. The sun was beautiful and deliciously warm and gorgeous and makes me not want to leave. I love it here. Despite it being such a big place wandering around downtown has a really laid back type of feeling that I love. The buildings are big and fancy and gorgeous which makes for a beautiful skyline. And there are so many different parts of downtown. There's the club scene, the shopping/food district, the business district, Young Street, Bloor Street, Dundas Square, Chinatown, Little Italy, Little India ... I love this city!

Then, we walked down to the Harbour Front - which technically isn't a harbour at all. It's just the shoreline around Lake Ontario. It's beautiful though. The water is a little scummy but it's beautiful. And, do you know what? There's an island there and people LIVE on this island in the middle of the lake and they COMMUTE to the city via AIRPLANE! There's a fucking landing strip in the middle of the goddamn lake! I kid you not - I even took a picture. When Swati's friend Aman told me I didn't believe him.. but then I watched and low and behold .. it landed! On an airstrip! In the middle of the fucking lake! You see the coolest stuff up here - which makes me accutely aware of the fact that I come from a REALLY small place. There was this little food court type of thing there as well that had Thai, Carribbean, Egyptian, Mexican, and vegan places to eat. I had Egyptian Shawerma which was not bad .. a little different than the Indian version of it. It wasn't as spicy as what I would have like - well, to be honest it wasn't spicy at all but it took away the hunger so it's all good. And then, they have this stage area way from all the food stall and there were these Aussie guys playing. Holy Hell. It blew my mind. There are no words to describe the music these guys played. All they played was a flute, a slide digeredoo, and a face bass. Three guys in this band and one of them beat-boxed. It was fan-fucking-tastic!! And they are playing there all week end long too! And then, when we went back to the International Market there were Aussie Aboriginal dancers there doing different tribal dances - mostly to do with animals and stuff .. it was awesome! I took pictures and videos of that as well. And these concerts were free! It's amazing!

I took lots and lots of pictures! This trip has been phenomenal so far - and tomorrow I get my tattoo!!! I'm very excited! I almost got a different one tonight - i stumbled upon this tattoo parlour downtown and they had the symbols for Little Sister there ... I was tempted to get it but there were a few things holding me back. The first is that getting the sister tattoo is sorta something me and Kelly are supposed to do one of these days, and the fact that for a symbol that wasnt overly big .. it was gonna cost me like ... 150 bones sorta put me off. And I'm getting inked tomorrow so two tatts in 2 days .. probably not a good idea. Plus, I still have to go shopping with my Aunt Di on Monday - I kinda suspect I might be broke by then.

Swati and I are hitting up downtown again before I get my tattoo tomorrow. I think we're going to Chinatown and the Distillery. There's not a lot of shopping to do but I can take LOTS of pictures which will be good.

But .. it's late. So I should go to bed. Hopefully there will be more updates soon!!


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