Domestic Bliss Part II

Today has been wonderful. It's a holiday week end, thanks to Victoria Day and it has been such a lazy, wonderful, silly day and full of laughter and smiles.

Really, the amazing sense of happiness that I feel right now started last night during a marathon run of NUMBERS. We both ended up sleeping on the couch last night. This happened as a result of a few things. First of all, all the laundry that we did yesterday, was piled high on the bed. My ambition was, to take it all off the bed before bedtime and relocate it to the couch to be tackled this morning. But, when 12.30am rolled around, I was at this point simply too comfy, too tired, and too lazy to do that. It seemed like it required a superhuman amount of effort. Secondly, did I mention that I was comfortable on the couch? Dev was stretched out on the chaise part of our sectional. His pillow and blanket requirements met, he didn't really see the point of moving. Plus, there was all that laundry. And I ... I was stretched out on the other section of our couch, and my own requirements for blanket and pillow were so expertly met that I fell dead asleep with the television blasting and the living room lamp left on. Although, being snuggled under an Eddie Bauer down filled throw ... I dare you to not to fall asleep.

No, go ahead. Just try. I'll wait here.

So, there we were. Nestled and snuggled on the couch almost like little caterpillars. Except, when morning came we didn't turn in to butterflies. Although, if the dreams I had last night were any indication of what they should have brought, I should missing my left eyeball (which was transformed by some thick, black gucky contact lens. I pulled it out of my socket gazed at it - after feeling it up with my own tongue-  and realized that it had elongated and grown a pair of scarlet red wings and a set of eyelashes to die for. I tried to give it to Norman Reedus as a pet, during our internment in some Star Trek-esq training facility.) and the world should more closely resemble the set of War of the Worlds. But, thankfully I am still the proud owner of two (relatively) perfect eyeballs, and I am not sunken in to a futuristic, post-apocalyptic world and forced to run laps around the boundaries of some pseudomilitary compound beyond which lies terrible dangers - not the least of which are zombies.

In that light, the fact that I have been overdosing on Disney music all day shouldn't come as much of a shock. I was taken back to the high lights of childhood as I belted out Hakuna Matata, Under The Sea, I Wanna Be Like You, Cruella DeVile, Heigh-Ho, Once Upon A Dream and a handful of others. Add to this merriment, the fact that Dev would try to come dance with me - his silly and exaggerated attempts to waltz and grope at the same time literally had me falling down laughing - and that my girlfriend Dee and I were texting each other as Timone and Pumba when Hakuna Matata came on, AND that my brother-in-law made me laugh so hard when he answered Dev's call that I began to cry ... I have spent the entire day laughing.

We woke up with coffee and I was immediately struck by the desire to watch Despicable Me. Dev hadn't seen it prior to today and we both curled up yet again on the couch under blankets and coffee mugs in hand and spent the next hour and a half giggling. Some parts we had to watch twice.

IT'S SO FLUFFY!!!!!!!!!


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