The Scene Right Now

Right now, life is pretty damn good.

I'm relaxing on the couch, and the TV is kind of really just on for back ground noise. NUMBERS is on. We've watched all the episodes, but it's such an intelligent show that watching a re-run is still fairly enjoyable. The cast is great, the cases are always interesting and the mathematical solutions they utilize are just really effin' cool.  It kinda makes math interesting - even though I am a terrible tragedy when it comes to trying to do anything beyond basic calculations. Although, if memory serves, I was pretty good at algebra and geometry.

My scene of domestic bliss is enhanced by the fact that despite a sink full of dirty dishes, a room full of dirty laundry, and a window of struggling plants, Dev is in the kitchen cooking us supper. The house smells divine. Frying onions. Pork chops. Thai chili peppers. And soon, there will be stuffed peppers to eat. He has such a weird talent when it comes to cooking. He can just throw random ingredients together and make something so delicious, that doesn't even make sense.

We've just finished grocery shopping, and there's just something so satisfying  of looking in the fridge and the cupboards and looking at the goodies. Of all the Seven Deadly Sins, I think Gluttony just might be my favorite. Although, Sloth can be pretty amazing too. A good day clad in pajamas is pretty amazing. Speaking of pajamas, it's exactly what I'm wearing. My favorite pair of Campus Crew sweats and tee shirt, with a white zip up sweater from EddieBauer's First Ascent line. And leopard print slippers. I am a hot.mess. right now.

You know, this female agent they have in this show is amazing! She's tough, she's confident ... she's got moxy. I wish there were more female characters in popular media like her. All too often, the only role model we give young girls is some pretty, under fed and over privileged white girl. Either that, or she's so over-sexed and relying on good looks to get her through life wielding her own feminine charms to manipulate others to get what she wants. This show also boasts another smart woman. And, what I really love ... is that these two women are what I guess you would call "minorities" within pop culture. How often do we see a strong African American female? Or a ridiculously smart East Indian? This show is so amazing. Good for them for their casting choices.

And, here he is. My very own handsome East Indian. He's in his own pair of sweats, and a tee shirt that I bought him. He's so amazing. Sure, we've had our moments and butted heads but I look at him every day and am just amazed that I get to call this man mine. It was a real shitty day yesterday. I had this huge conversation with my Mom and she told me about all these really terrible and stressful things that her and my Dad are having to deal with. So, I came home and just sat here on the couch and told him about what was going on. I even cried a little, and he just came closer to me and we snuggled. He kissed me, held me and told me everything was going to be okay. It was the best I had felt all week.

And he killed a spider for me today.  He's my hero.


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