Reno's, Reno's, Reno's

Our apartment is in a state of minor chaos this week. We're getting our bathroom renovated.

I hate it.

The renos, I mean. Although, I hate the bathroom in equal measure as well so I guess the distinction is really unnecessary.

Our bathroom is FULL of mold. I'm not even kidding you. It's gross. The contractor ripped out all the walls, our tub, sink, vanity mirror (we're getting a new one, apparently) and we have a new toilet! You know you've made the journey in to adulthood when you're excited over new fixtures for you're bathroom. Technically, the bathroom isn't even mine. We're renting. But still. It will be fresh and clean and mold-free when it's all done, for which I cannot wait!

The contractors have been here since Monday. We've been without a bathroom all week. It's been interesting. Thankfully, the apartment next door to ours is empty. The landlord gave us the keys, so we can dart across in the mornings and have a shower and all that. We have our toilet re-installed every day though thank God because otherwise this entire thing might be just a wee bit unbearable.

Everything is covered in sheetrock dust. When I say everything, I mean everything. I have to mop and sweep my kitchen floor every day, but I've given up on the dusting of the furniture until they're gone. It's just an exercise in futility really at this point. Between the dust and tiny little floaty bits of insulation that keep floating around seeming to appear out of nowhere, I'm convinced that this place will never be clean again. Except for the bloody bathroom. THAT bitch will be clean for freakin' ever!

Our landlord absconded with the bathtub on Monday. We got it back yesterday. It took him two hours (and one puke) to clean it. I take that as a sign that it was truly disgusting. Our landlord is by no means a wuss, and as two kids, so I'd imagine it takes a good bit of disgusting to make him puke. But he did. The wall where the tub was, was soft. So, something was leaking in behind the wall.


The ceiling was also dropped, to cover up the bit of corner pipe that was running down from the bathroom in the Crazy French Guy Who Lives Upstairs's apartment. That pipe was also leaking, but has subsequently been fixed. New sheetrock has been put up, a new light and fan combo went in, plus an outlet - I can do my hair in the bathroom now - and new stuff for the tub is going in today!

Our place stinks like caulking, and I have been sneezing uncontrollably all morning ... but I shall overcome!!


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