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So, in case you really haven't been paying attention lately, I'm a host blogger for the Even In Darkness blog tour that begins July 28th. Yesterday, it was revealed about contest and prizes and such other exciting news. Now, here is an officially prepared statement from a really lovely creature that I meet on Twitter who has been really working with Cyndi, myself and KoomKey to really make this blog tour and contest really, really successful. I cannot take credit for this Really Official Announcement today, but send my thanks to Theresa Largusa! 

Greetings 'Even in Darkness' Host Bloggers:

This is a bulletin to highlight fan participation activities designed to generate excitement for the duration of the blog tour, 7/28 - 8/3. First off, a few details about the contests. 

There will be three categories from which readers may choose:

Create a book trailer for Even in Darkness.

Create a new, original book cover for the first title in the series, Between.

Write a fan fiction piece using the characters from the Between series. There is no word limit, and the subject matter is entirely up to the writer. 

There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place prizes for each of the three categories. Koomkey, a company that offers a way to send small monetary donations to artists, charities, and others via social media, has graciously provided the following cash prizes:

1st Prize is $30 in Kashkeys

2nd Prize is $20 in Kashkeys

3rd Prize is a $10 Kashkey

Please visit for more information. 

To be eligible to win, participants must have a Twitter account. Writing and artwork submissions are to be sent to: Contestants may submit an entry in all three categories. The contest will run from Sunday, 7/28 until Saturday, 8/3. The winning submissions will be announced Saturday 8/10 at

In addition, [Cyndi] will also be featuring a daily photo challenge on Twitter beginning 7/28: 

"Where in the World is Aiden MacRae?"

People will be invited to send a photo of one of the books in the series taken from any and all locales and interesting settings. Creativity is what I'll be looking for, and each picture sent to @cynditefft will receive a 
Kashkey in the amount of 25 cents. One photo per participant, per day. Please help me spread the word about the fun and engaging activities [Cyndi has] planned for the book tour starting this Sunday.


  1. Yay! You know...I just had a thought. We should have all photos sent to @cynditefft tagged #AidensAngels. What do you think? Oh, and of course, snaps of ebook copies are welcomed, too!

  2. It would be easier to track them that way ... hashtags are effing brilliant!


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