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Our apartment smells amazing, right now. Dev is cooking curry - again. I love it. Every time I mention cooking, it seems that Dev is always the one cooking. I do cook I swear. I just can't cook and write all at the same time. I mean, I AM pretty talented but that's a level of talent I just haven't reached yet.

It's been a crazy, messed up week and I felt like my writing mojo just ... disappeared. That, along with the fact I've been pumping Cyndi's blog tour an awful lot as of late, I feel like I haven't done any actual writing. So, my love cooks today while I flex my writing muscles. He is seriously the best. He may not get my writing, but he supports it regardless, and I love him for it.

I've also been watching a lot of True Blood lately. If you've been following my Twitter feed over the last little while, you'll see the quotes from the show. I had forgotten just how amazing some of these characters are. They're all pretty stellar, but Pam, Eric and Layfette are probably my favorites. Although, Jason does have some wicked lines. Season 6 of the fanger show started a few weeks ago. So, being the fangirl that I am, I jumped right in on episode one only to discover that I was completely lost. I forgot I hadn't finished Season 5. I started half way through Season 5  and finished it last night.

I cannot tell a lie that I cheered (at the unholy hour of 2am) when Eric staked Russell!! I'm starting to take a shine to Nora - and I'm actually really impressed with the development of Jess and Tara this season. I don't know about the rest of the fans for the show, but Tara pulls off her character way better when she's just being herself ... not trying to whore it up in leather and latex for Pam. Tonight hopefully I will embark upon the journey of Season 6, which promises to be great, given the fact it starts right in the middle of the action where Season 5 ended. This whole Warlowe thing has me BEYOND intrigued and I'm dying to find out what that's all about. SO far I've done a pretty good job of staying away from spoilers and episode reviews and the like.

This rekindled romance with True Blood should really come as no surprise, since I've also started reading some more Stephen King. Right now I'm totally engrossed in Full Dark, No Stars which is a compilation of short stories/novellas - even King's shorter stories are really rather long - and this one is just as brilliant as the Secret Window collection. I'm still reading the first story which is just gross and disturbing on a very different level, and I always find myself eating something rather delicious when I come upon the parts about rats and poor Arlette being tossed down a well. Reading makes my skin crawl, and it's that feeling that reminds me of just why exactly I have loved Stephen King for so many years. He's a truly gifted author and will never ever fail to evoke some true emotion from me. Once, just a few days ago as I took a bite of my pizza I was nearly convinced that I was eating Arlette. It must have been the texture of the chicken on my pizza. It still gives me the creepy-crawlies to think about it, and thinking that you're eating someone is only slightly less (or is it more?) than reading about rats eating someone.

Right then. That's about all I have for today. I will leave you with the Blog Tour Schedule for Even In Darkness, though. Supper is just about ready, and we're also on a Frasier marathon viewing party here as well - another show whose degree of awesome I had forgotten!

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