A Brief Word, If I May ...

So, today I shall try to be brief. It's after midnight and I have to work in the morning. But I'm full of really different feelings tonight, and I'm switching between several different writing projects, music videos and house chores.

At the ungodly hour of 11pm, I was harboring the urge to clean the entire apartment. I even wanted to get out a mop and wash the walls (given the amount of splattered mosquito guts that adorn several places, this notion isn't entirely unfounded. It's just entirely ridiculous at 11pm to undertake that sort of project). I might have entertained this notion for about two whole minutes, and told myself to be satisfied with the fact that I had just washed the dishes and given the toilet a quick scrub. I ended my encounter with domesticity by whipping up a quick lunch for Dev to take to work tomorrow and prepping the coffee pot - we drink enough of the stuff that the amount we spend on buying coffee, filters, milk and sugar probably equals the GDP of a small country.

Then, while listening to some really lovely music from Christina Perri I turned to a more personal writing project of mine. It's not really for mass consumption, but it's more or less me trying to preserve a beautiful moment that happened between the two of us, and the only way I'm going to do that is to write it down. Now, of course, I might embellish some parts here and there, change a few details while adding or subtracting others as I see fit, with the intention of finalizing a mostly-true encounter.

So, there's that.

And, I pulled a marathon reading session last night! It was homework of a sort, but it certainly didn't feel like it! I was reading the e-book version of Between, by Cyndi Tefft. I was introduced to her on Twitter and we've been in touch now for several weeks. Between is the first book she's written, Hell Transporter the second, and the third is called Even In Darkness, which came out April of this year. Through the magic of Twitter, I discovered that there is going to be a blog tour for the third novel, and Cyndi was essentially recruiting some fans to take part. So, having never read a word that she had previously written, and taking the advice from somebody else based on the fact that it's similar (but really, only quite vaguely) to the Outlander novels I thought to myself  "Why the hell not?!" So, I contacted Cyndi and said that I'd need a few more details surrounding this new fandangled machine called a blog tour, but she could essentially and for all intents and purposes ... sign me up!

And what did she do? She did. (Whether this displays a serious character flaw on behalf of Miss Tefft, remains to be seen. But in this case, I think she should come out the other side relatively fine having added a new name to the Aiden's Angels roster). So ... just like that I'm part of a blog tour. It seems rather too easy. And my impulse in joining may or may not demonstrate a serious character flaw of my own - we'll just see about that.

The dates for this blog tour don't begin until closer to the end of July, and run in to early August. Yours truly does not make an appearance until August the 3rd (my parents 45th wedding anniversary).  Hence, the marathon reading session last night. I didn't even really realize what time it was until I had flipped the last little page of my e-reader and found myself at the end. So, naturally I have to see if I can get the other two books bought and read and reviewed by August 3rd.

So, there's another thing.

I'm also still toying around with the notion of The Fraud Police. I've managed to settle on the title of this little short(ish?) story and the main characters name - which, I shall not be revealing just yet. I'm highly optimistic for this little idea of mine. I don't really know if it will amount to anything Spectacular but I feel immensely proud of it already.

And there's yet another thing.

And finally, I'm struggling just a little with this Bigger Idea of mine, which persists in being Stubborn and Difficult. Not surprising, considering where the idea came from in the first place. I've been trying to really flesh this one out for awhile now, but That Great Moment hasn't come yet where it all suddenly falls in to place and Just Fits Together. But it will. I hope. I've enlisted in some help in this project though, in the form of my older brother who volunteered himself to be my sounding board for ideas and suggestions. God love 'em, the poor bastard has no idea what's coming!

And that's the last thing, I think.

Whew! So much for being brief!! And now, with all that being said .. it's 1am and I really must be getting off to bed! I leave you with some Christina Perri to hold you over until next time!


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