Okay, so for the next little while, my blog will be temporarily overtaken by talking about KoomKey and Cyndi's blog tour. No, the account hasn't been hacked or anything, I'm just super excited to help support and promote some really cool things that I have somehow managed to find myself a part of thanks to the beauty of social networking, media and the awesomeness that the interwebs (sometimes) provides.

So there IS an update with Cyndi's blog tour and the contest!! The Even In Darkness tour has teamed up with KoomKey and is offering three cash prizes to the winners of each category! Yes, cash. Cold hard cash. Real money that you can cash out in to you're bank account and spend on real things - like one cent candy, if you can still find a corner store that even sells them anymore! And trust me when I say that I'm not blowing smoke out of my butt - I've tried KoomKey. I use it almost every day, this amazing little tip jar attached to my Twitter feed. So, when I say it's real money ... believe me it's real money. I purchased a $5 credit with KoomKey (it was super fast and totally legit, don't worry. My bank account isn't wiped out nor has my identity been stolen or anything of the sort) and decided to pass out a dollar here and there to people I thought were doing something really great. I don't have a PayPal account - I know, I know, I know .. I'm one of the few people on the planet who doesn't - and I thought this was a great way to give back to people who were doing things that either inspired me to write something, or share their stories with me, and let me read theirs. That measly $5 doubled in like ... two days. People were giving me REAL MONEY! I thought it was pretty cool! And what did I do? I turned around and gave that money to other people, who give it to someone else, who passes it along to another person, who donates it some place else!

But I'm getting excited and ahead of myself and there's so much more to tell you about KoomKey that I have to save it all for that Really Big Thing I'm writing on it.

Back to the blog tour! Yes, there are cash prizes, and I'm totally stoked about it!! Insofar as they exist, here are The Rules:

- to be eligible for this contest you must have a Twitter account. Just in case you're selected as a Winner or Runner Up in one of the three categories, KoomKey will link up with your Twitter account and send you a nice little prize

- ALL ENTRIES for the contest MUST be submitted to the following e-mail address:  aidensangels@yahoo.com

As of right now, I don't think there is an established deadline but I would assume it to be near or at the end of the blog tour. Also, a good note to the more verbose readers and fans out there. Cyndi might give herself a kick in the arse for this later when she's reading them all, but the Fan Fiction submission DO NOT have a word length limit! But, please be gentle. We'd like to see Cyndi again (and a new book?) in the relatively near future!

So, just what is it exactly is it that you're all competing for anyway? Well, like I said earlier ... cash.
"Well, just how much cash?" you ask.
"Well, I'm glad you asked that!" says I!

This was just confirmed recently from KoomKey, who is offering the following cash prizes. Please note that each category will have 3 winners. That's some serious cash being paid out, and if you win you're free to do whatever you like with it!

1st Prize is $30 in Kashkeys
2nd Prize is $20 in Kashkeys
3rd Prize is a $10 Kashkey

That's all the information I have for you right now, but like I said yesterday keep an eye on Cyndi's Twitter, Facebook page, and blog. I'm sure that once everything has been finalized she'll put up a much more official looking post. In the meantime, lookit here! Don't forget that the blog tour will run July 28th - August 3rd! I'll be posting where you can go on the tour to read and comment and share in the love of Cyndi's writing and Aiden McRae as well!

Until next time, keep fit and have fun!!


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