Very Quickly ...

August has been a slow month, it seems. I've been finding it difficult to find the time to write - even here, just for a few minutes.

It's only been the last few days or so that I've begun to feel the small stirrings of the return of the writing mojo. For a little while there it looked like it went out the window, like yesterday's trash. But it's coming back.

I've been reading some really great things lately as well. I'm currently juggling three or four books, and I've started taking a note book and a pen with me whenever I read, and keeping it on my nightstand to jot down those random bits of inspiration.

These bits of writing inspiration are so important. Well, for me anyway. Even if it's just a half formed thought, or a snippit of a conversation between two people and you haven't heard the rest of it, or just a little mental glimpse in to their lives ... write it down. It doesn't have to be the most epic and beautiful bit of prose to ever be written, but get the skeleton of the idea at least. This way, you can revisit it later, flesh it out and see where it's going to take you.

Right then. I would write a little more, but not only am I battling a cold that I somehow mysteriously picked up over the last few days, I'm still a little "under the weather" from a friends birthday celebrations last night. I'm tired, cranky and just generally being a big whiny baby today. And supper's almost ready!

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