I know I've said it once, if I've said it a thousand times but sometimes when you put something out in to the Universe often enough, fill it with hope and love and a little positivity ... sometimes, She really does come through for you.

Since this year has started, there have been so many good and wonderful things happen to me, I can hardly believe it. I think that maybe one of the single most Best Decisions I've made so far this year is going back to Twitter. I've connected with some Really Great People and a lot of really cool things have happened because of it. And, my older brother and I both committed to projects that we wanted to accomplish and the last 3 months, I've seen bits of him just explode with talent - I always knew he had it in him but, like me, we're terrible at believing in ourselves. I've seen so many kind and supportive and wonderful words sent my brother's way that it really make me all warm and fuzzy to see him arrive at the same destination we've all been at waiting for him to arrive. As a lifelong friend of our said "You've got talent and class in spades." And he really does.

You see, my brother was BORN a musician. He's insanely smart, and has (at times) the darkest and funniest sense of humor I have ever come across. I think we've shared more laughs waiting in line at the Drive-Thru of Mary Brown's than anywhere else. Plus, yanno ... by virtue of being my big brother he's pretty much as awesome as a big brother can get.

So, we talked one day a few months ago. I'd write and he'd finish his music studio. And lo and behold here we both are. I'm writing and he's playing live tribute concerts! Take care of each other folks, and the Universe will look after you.

So, that's one thing.

Back to the Twitter thing. I've met some really cool bloggers as well, check out they're links off to the side there. Lawrence is wonderful, and he just published two books this year - one of which I have on my Kindle but haven't finished reading yet due to the fact that The Mortal Instruments saga is CONSUMING.MY.LIFE! And there's a movie of Book 1 that just hit theaters, starring the wildly attractive
Johnathon Rhys Meyers.

It's totally ridiculous that one human being should be this ... delicious. And he plays the VILLIAN! THE VILLIAN! He's perfect, and he was STUNNING in The Tudors. I am somewhat of a fan and getting wildly off course with what I had really wanted to say.

Right then. Back on track. Lawrence's writing is ... haunting, on so many levels. I've always really enjoyed the small pieces he puts up for free on-line on his blog, but I haven't read as much of him lately since ... like I've mentioned, I've been consumed by the Shadowhunters. But I do recommend Lawrence and his lovely, hauntning and melancholy writing. Go, check him out. And when you do, tell him I sent you.

Another source of my own distraction is that I'm writing! Really really writing! True, it might be slanted, on a perfectly lined page and in wild colors but that doesn't even matter! It's working and it's exciting! It is, of course, nowhere NEAR finished but it's coming along! Plus, there is another exciting thing that has come along my way quite recently, the last few days in fact, that makes me giddy with creative excitement! It's something I've always wanted to do, but never thought I'd find the opportunity and voila! It just landed in my lap and I could DIE with how exciting it is!

However, the most amazing and wonderful thing OF ALL ... is that I got a new job!!


Aww yeah, baby! I might even get to put my hard-earned University degree to work! Finally, after ten years in the retail business I am finally out. This week has been a whirlwind! I started my new job as an administrative assistant with an project management/consulting firm on Monday! It's amazing! To understand WHY I find it so amazing, you need to understand that I am a nerd. A dork. A geek. I LOVE reading stuff, and even though what I'm reading at work is technical (and sometimes makes my head hurt, and I have to read the same thing 4 times before it sinks in) I am LOVING it. I have this huge and amazing desk, with lots of storage space for pens, paperclips, staplers, post it notes, memos, planners and agendas. My desktop is touch screen (!!!) and I love it, and I sit in front of it every day listening to music, making notes, reading things and being content in my own little bubble of reading/writing and copious amounts of internet searches.

I have also discovered that I SUCK at Excel. However the FRIGG created that program needs to seriously dumb it down for people like me. Utterly clueless. I get the jist of it, but God forbid if I'm ever asked to create a brand new spreadsheet FROM SCRATCH ... I think the world just might implode. Or explode. Or both. Simultaneously.

But despite how awesome it feels to have gotten a job in the field that I want, fulfilling the position I have always wanted ... this was a helluva week on the ole nerves too. Srsly. This morning, I was nearly convinced that at any moment I was going to be fired. My boss really took a chance in hiring me as I have ZERO administrative experience, and while I can make my way around a computer without a lot of difficulty, some aspects of this job have gone completely over my head - Excel, anyone? But there have been no major disasters, nothings blown up, and he hasn't told me I ask too many questions or exploded in a fit of rage, shouting at me that I'm an incompetent fool, and that I should clean out my desk forthwith and vacate the building.

So that's a bonus.

There will be more information about my job coming soon, but not right now. It's after midnight and the words are getting all jumbled together in my head.


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