Things I Love... in no particular order

1.  Books: Seriously, I have a problem. I just ordered two books yesterday on-line and today I bought ANOTHER one! But, it isn't just any book. It's Stephen King's The Shining. Which proves I'm an idiot.  I just looked at my book shelf - I have it already. The one I just bought has different cover art. So ... if anyone of you wants a copy of it, I can totally post it to you! Hell, I even write you a little note and everything!

2. Food: I LOVE food. I love eating it. I love cooking it. I love talking about it. And I really, really really love it when Dev cooks. He cooks amazing food. Real food. Indian food. There is a regular occurrence of curry dishes and veg dishes and rice and coconut milk and roti and chicken and pork and all sorts of spicy "wingin' it" food experiments involving crushed chili flakes, jalapeno's, green chilis that believe it or not, turn out to be fantastic!

3. Sherlock Holmes: We started to watch this the other day on the Netflix. They have the first two seasons available. There aren't many episodes (6) but they're fairly lengthy ones - running about an hour and a half. But oh my GOD, is it ever good! Benedict Cumberbatch, you lovely lovely man. Martin Freeman is also equally brilliant. It's superbly written, the visuals are amazing and the casting is one hundred percent accurate, and the acting ... oh my god, the acting. The last episode of Season 2 nearly killed me!! So, now I'm very nearly dying  to see Season 3.

4. I've said food already, right?

5. Shoes! I love me some motherfuckin' shoes. And boots. It doesn't quite rival my book addiction, but I do have me some fiiiiiiine shoe specimens.

6. Snuggles: SPOON ME, BITCH!! I am a rabid snuggler. I love it. Dev does sort've give the best snuggles - then again, I'm biased. And after 6 or 7 years, I've sort've really found the sweet spot for cuddling. He's a little on the muscular side too, and he has the most amazing chest and arms. Truthfully, all of him is pretty spectacular, but chest and arms I think are some of my favorite body parts of his. He has this habit, of just rolling over in the middle of night, arms and legs flailing, and managing to toss an arm and leg over me, and then he does this sort've ... wriggle, like he's trying to get himself anchored. He'll grunt and maybe adjust his pillows, or mutter some nonsense in his sleep (usually in a different language) and then return to the bottomless put of the sleep of the dead.

7. Coffee: More specifically, StarBucks. I miss Starbucks. We don't have one here in Timmins - the nearest one is about 4 hours away in Sudbury. Coincidentally, it's located in a Chapters bookstore, so it really combines my love of a grande white chocolate mocha latte, skinny with soy and books. I'm pretty sure I have just spent a good hour or two wandering the aisles aimlessly, picking up books here and there and then looking at them and having to choose which ones to take home because I just can't have them all. Can I?


  1. This blog needs a comment, because I feel that without any actual feedback a blog may wither on the vine because as social animals a bit of ego-fluffing is necessary for each of us to feel appreciated in some way.

    Damn, your profile reminds I need to get out to my community garden plot to plant a cover crop. I seem to live in a logistical nightmare where every stimulating and edifying activity or hobby I engage in becomes a pain in the ass. That could be just in my mind, though.

    PS: Saw you on Goodreads. What an amazing and under-utilized site! It could be better served with an overhaul of the user interface, though.

  2. Haha, thank you! (I think)

    I do enjoy the comments though. I know people read .. though really for whatever reason totally escapes me. It gets circulated a bit through the handful of Twitter followers I have which makes me feel really good.

    Thanks for checking out my GoodReads profile though! I had no real idea that anyone really paid attention to it. I use it mostly to keep an eye of a few authors and writer-ly friends.

    Again, thanks for reading and I hope you keep reading! :D


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