Thanksgiving Part II

So, it seems only appropriate that while the US celebrated their Thanksgiving holiday over the week end, that I recount the rest of the Thanksgiving that Dev and I spent travelling between Timmins, Toronto, and Ottawa.

There was a lot of driving involved. But the drive was worth it. Ottawa is such a beautiful, beautiful city - both of us would live there if we could. Right now it isn't possible, but who knows what the future holds. The highlight of this trip was spending the day with my cousin Jennifer, her partner Steve, all their animals and Aunt Heather who had no idea we were coming!


She had just celebrated her birthday a few days before we got there, and when I (basically) invited myself and Dev to Jennifer's house for Thanksgiving plans were immediately hatched to keep our visit a secret from Aunt Heather. She'd never met Dev yet, and it had been a couple of years since she had seen me, so Jennifer and I put everyone under strict instructions not to say a word to Aunt Heather. By the end of it, EVERYBODY knew we were coming except Aunt Heather, and when we arrived she was BEYOND  excited! There were hugs and kisses dished out everywhere. I really did try to keep my potty mouth under control put I think I failed a little in that department and some really bad swears got out.


The food was delicious! There was turkey and all the trimmings, plus two kinds of pie, ice cream and this friggin' amazing sweet potato dish that was SO good. Speaking of which, I need the recipe for it from Jennifer. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it - but that could also be that it's just past lunch time and despite the fact that I ate I'm still hungry and really really really want a bag of chips.

We spent hours hanging out with my family and the animals. All of whom are really cute - especially the dogs, and I feel in looooove with their Greyhound, Serene! Just lookit this face and tell me that she isn't cute - go on, I dare ya NOT to fall in love with her!

She's gorgeous, and she totally tolerated me being all over her with hugs and kisses and snuggles and rubs and scratches and everything. She was totally chill the whole day and just lay on her bed. And now I've come to decide that I have to have one.

So, after many hours with Jennifer and Co. Dev and I went back to our hotel, got dressed up all pretty and went out for drinks and dancing. We had a ball, and brought back A LOT of shawarma to our hotel room. And then the next day we went shopping, and strolled around the Rideau Center and the Market. There was more shopping involved, of course. I popped in to one of the Chapter's stores and came across some of the best bathroom graffiti I think I have ever seen. There were poems, people just saying hello, and even a Harry Potter reference, which I found hilarious!

"Flush to go to the Ministry of Magic."
"I tried, it didn't work and now my feet are wet!"

*gasp!* My own addition to the graffiti!

And that's pretty much it. There was more driving involved on the way back home through really pretty places like Arnprior. We're hoping to go down that way again soon - either for New Year's or Valentine's Day and the Greyhound that I'm hoping to (eventually) adopt - his name is Thunder and he's so handsome! - lives down there too!

This is Thunder - just lookit that face!!

Right then. There will be more tales soon! It's officially Christmas season - well, to be honest I've been listening to Christmas music for at least 2 weeks now but kind of kept it under wraps, but it's December 2nd and my Christmas cheer is bursting out! Winter has officially set in, and I'm hoping that it isn't as awful as last year and that Dev and I can get out and enjoy it together and have wild, silly adventures!


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