The Journey Continues

So, I am pleased to report that I have been pretty consistent with my yoga practice - which is kind of surprising since I'm not usually consistent doing anything. But, my practice makes my soul happy so that probably has something to do with it.

And while my soul is happy, my body is sore! But the soreness is a good thing. Today, my back is feeling a little mistreated, but only because I really pushed yesterday during the spine strengthening series of postures. I think Camel Pose is probably one of the ones that makes my back hurt the most, although Bow can be kind of tough sometimes too.

My savasana, however, is one of the best ever! Savasana really saves me, I think, during my practice.  My spot is always at the back, since I'm a beginner, and I usually find a place near a picture on the wall of someone, who I can only assume to be a yogi, sitting on a tiger. I look at this, and the little golden halo above his head and sometimes my mind just empties ... other times, I have to kind of give myself a pep talk reminding myself that I can get through the sweltering 90 minutes; other times it's a visualization of something positive. My final savasana of class though is probably my favourite. I listen to my breathing, feel my heart beat, and feel everything sort've come back to normal and whatever feelings I went in to the room with stay there. I will tell you one thing, my yoga practice is really teaching me how to just let it go ... whatever "it" happens to be.

The atmosphere at the studio is really just one of love and peace and acceptance, and I feel better the second I walk in the door. It almost feels like family. And the small conversations that I'm a part of after class in the fitting room are great. And the shower ... oh my god, the shower. That shower after class is probably the best shower you will ever have and if you held on to something during the class, then the shower is a great place to really just let it go. The staff there have been really nice to me - entertaining my questions about different postures, and just making small chit chat after class. I'm usually reluctant to go home after class - after spending 90 minutes around people and talking it's a little hard to come back home to the quiet solitude of the house.

There's currently a challenge going on at the studio, and I wish I had started it. I was going to, but I changed my mind, and now I'm really wishing that I hadn't. The next time around though, I will. 30 days straight of yoga. Right now my track record is 5 classes in 7 days, which I don't think is too bad for a beginner. All the challengers get their name on a board and you put a little sticker after you complete class under whichever day you're on. I really wanted some gold stars, dammit! I'll get them next time! There's also a nutrition and hydration class on Friday too, which I'm excited for. I really just want to sit in class and just take it all in and listen to everybody. I'm not sure if there will be a practice that day or not, but I'll go prepared either way.

During the class, we're given an intention - well, technically it's for the 30 Day Challengers, but I'm taking advantage where I can. Yesterday's was "Take a Deep Breath" and during savasana was a great time to really do that. Jordyn, who led our practice yesterday, said that once you really find a way to connect your breathing to the postures, you'll find that link between your body and mind and practice can become more meaningful. I'm still struggling to really build that link, but I suppose beginning construction during savasana is as good a place as any to start.


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