Late Nights and Teddy Bears

Man, today's a real scorcher out there.

35 degrees. Celsius.

There were only three things that could have made today better:

1. Not working.
2. A cold bevvie (of the alcoholic variety)
3. A pool (or beach - in the end beggars can't be choosers)

But you know what DID make today fucking amazing?

Rediscovering Kings of Leon!!

Okay okay okay ... so I fell in love with them all over again a couple of nights ago when I was cruisin' through YouTube land and found a HUGE playlist of pretty much everything they've ever done and then I stumbled upon a live concert that was uploaded to YouTube - which was amazing and reduced me to tears when they played Cold Desert.

I cried like a little girl. I mean I CRIED - curled in to my teddy bear that Dev bought me in Banff and just .. cried. I cried for several reasons.

a) Cold Desert makes me think of a really tough time that someone important to me was going through, and I remember feeling hopeless and having no idea how to help that person, except find music that might somehow encapsulate what they might have been feeling and going through at the time.

b) I really, really miss Dev. I generally don't feel all that lonely, but this song just hit me right in all the feels and I started to miss him a whole whole lot.

c) Dementors invaded my ovaries. Read THIS tumblr post and you'll understand. I also posted it on my FB as well, so if you follow me there, you can grab it off my FB Wall.

So, lesson learned. Do not listen to really sad songs when it's really late at night (or really early in the morning, depending on how you want to look at the situation) when you may or may not be a little sleep deprived, and really really really missing your other, insanely atrractive, absolutely delicious he smells so good, partner.


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