Lonesome ...

You know, Elvis was on to something when he came out with this :

It really sucks when you're one and only is on the other side of the world. Today for some reason .. well, this whole week end actually, I've been really missing Dev. And not just for practical reasons like taking out the garbage, or killing bugs.

No. I miss him for other reasons too.

I miss the way he smells. God, he smells good. All the time. It's a combination of the soap he uses, the cologne he wears and just the manly smell of him. I miss it.

I miss the way he holds my face in his hands when we gives me a kiss.

I miss cuddling him when there are thunder storms. There was this one night, there was a thunder storm outside, and it was really late. and it was just us .. in our room ... in our bed, and I swear to god, it was one of the most romantic nights we have ever spent together in the history of romantic nights.

I miss putting my head on his chest and listen to his heart beat when we lie on the couch and watch TV. Or when we're in bed and going to sleep.

Fuck, I miss lying in bed with him. And I just miss sleeping with him. I miss the way he throws an arm over me when she's asleep.

I miss coming home to smelling him cooking

I miss coming home to him.


End Of Story.

The End.


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