The Week End!

Over the last few weeks, I am amazed at how awesome my week ends have been!

Last night was pretty low key, and I honestly spent most of the day sleeping. I guess I had been running on nervous energy for most of the week at work, and Friday was a total gong show. On the 21st of this month it hailed pretty bad (a natural occurrence that still blows my mind), and both my office, and the office on Riverside Drive are swamped! So, Wade (the branch manager) have been bustin' our tails pretty much almost since then to keep our team motivated, and keep the energy in the branch positive and light. Friday was also the last day of the Fiscal Year so we had a laundry list of small (though important) things to get done before we left for the day. The office closed at 6pm on Friday, but I ended up staying until almost 630pm because a customer got stuck in traffic. By the time I put gas in Blue Steele (my Pathfinder) and got home it was going for 700pm. I was supposed to go the gym with Wade but I was pooped. I had nothing left. So, I ate some food from BPs (which I will probably never do again, so thanks for that Ashley, haha!) was sound asleep by 830pm.

So, yesterday was actually a pretty chill day for the most part. I stayed in bed until about 10am. I really wasn't going to get up for anything or anyone, to be honest. 3pm rolled around and it was naptime. Then, around 6pm last night I get a txt from Ashley - haul ass outta bed man 'cause she's on her way over with wine, cheese, crackers, chocolate covered gogi berries (which are delicious by the way!) and there may or may not be movie time in there too! So. I slide outta bed and stumble around the bedroom.

My house was a mess, btw. So I had an hour to power clean. First things first though - I needed coffee. ASAP. Long story short, my house now looks amazing! I picked Ashley up and while I grabbed a quick shower she laid out an amazing spread and went spent hours drinking wine, eating amazing cheeses with delicious cheeses. It was low key, but I totally enjoyed every single minute of it.

Today, the plan is to get in a cardio workout at the gym, then we're gonna get fancy and hit Costco. I have to get food prepped for this week, so I'm screwed and the 2 lbs that I've lost in 2 weeks will have been a lot of hard work for nothing.

Last week end was more hectic, but equally amazing! Usually every month or so, our Corporate office in Calgary hosts a big party at the end of month so all of us from all of the southern Alberta branches can get together and hang out, talk over a few drinks, meet new people, and build on the relationships we already have in place and foster new ones. I haven't gone to very many of these but last Friday, I knew that I needed to be around people. So, I brought a change of clothes with me to work and headed down shortly after 6pm. It was amazing The food was great and it was just really, really good for me to get out and be seen and be social. I never got home until 1am, but the sleep deprivation was totally worth it! I had to work on Saturday, so it was pretty laid back after work. I walked to DQ with friends of mine and his 7 yr old son (who is SO cute). And then on Sunday, saw me back in Calgary and spending some quality girl time with my girl Erin! We shopped and I got some killer, sexy dresses for the summer, and then before we all headed back to Red Deer, we stopped for sushi. There's  really great all you can eat joint on 16th that I love! And y'know .. it's All. You.Can. Eat!

It's magical.

The week end before that was perfection!

Ashley somehow convinced me to go on a hike, and had I known how hard it was going to be, I probably would have said "Nope!" But I'm glad I went. We drove out towards Nordegg and did the All Stones hike, which takes you up above Abraham Lake. It is absolutely beautiful, and the view is spectacular! 

The hike is hard. Very hard. This particular spot where I took the photo is all loose rocks and relly soft dirt. Footing is precarious at best - on the way down it's treacherous. And while I'm a little sad to say that I didn't make it to the top, I'm so glad I went. My ego wanted to make it to the top so bad. But my body was screaming at me to stop. Take it easy. Come back and try again.

So, that's the plan. Ashley and I made a bet that if I don't make it to the top the next time we go again at the end of the summer then I owe her a steak dinner at a fancy restaurant and the most expensive bottle of wine on the menu. And I'm please to say that I am making progress!

Wade and James are keeping me motivated at the gym, Ashley has essentially become my nutrition coach, and Erin will forever be my girl! I am amazed at how each of these people have made their way in to my life. I've known Ashley, Wade and James for almost a year but they've never really been a part of my life until now. I guess the Universe knew that the time was coming when I would need them. If it wasn't for these people, I don't know how I would be coping with being away from Dev  - I still have no idea when he'll be back - but for them I am eternally grateful. The boys keep me laughing and motivated at the gym, they don't let me quit. And here I am ... on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, planning my day around getting some quality time in at the gym to work off the copious amount of cheese and crackers I ate last night - something I have never done before. 

So, for all of you .. thank you. Thank you for being my friends, and entering my life at the exact moment when I needed you, and for filling the roles in my life that you were meant to. 

I am beyond grateful.



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