Living In YYC ...

... is amazing.

Today in and of itself was great.

I slept like a rock - after not having a proper nights sleep in about a week. We've had a cold snap - which Toronto is now currently going thru. To put it in perspective, Mars - fucking MARS -  is warmer than Toronto right now. So, during the cold snap here I put fleece sheets on my bed.

It's glorious. Fleece sheets, blankets and pillows ... it's so good. Warm.Cozy. Perfect. No wonder I slept so good. After a solid 12 hours of sleep I woke up and made soe coffee in the French press before me and some friends hit up a Korean BBQ/Sushi joint on 16th Ave. Needless to say, we stuffed our faces.

I think we had three different shashimi platters, more than our fair share of BBQ, squid, octopus seaweed salad, surf clams, short ribs, pork, gyoza, green tea ice cream and about a half gallon of green tea. We were there for a few hours - just taking our time and eating and enjoying our company and talking about pretty much everything. Never, ever underestimate the simple joy of just sitting and eating and talking with friends. I'm pretty sure that aside from laughter, it's one of the great cures for the heart and soul.

So, after filling ourselves to the gills with great food, my roommate and I decided to go Christmas shopping. I had forgotten how crowded the malls get for Christmas shopping - but it was definitely a successful trip! We spent HOURS walking around the mall, which was good - we needed the exercise given the copious amount of food we had just shoved in our gut. I came across this amazing little kiosk, and he sells different jewelry, but with this gorgeous Egyptian twist! It's mostly sterling silver, and he has chains and bracelets, and matching earring and pendant sets for women ... it's all gorgeous! I may or may not have ordered something custom made, which I am super excited for!

I have everyone pretty much taken care of for the holidays - a last minute trip to Banff yesterday helped! Banff in and of itself is gorgeous any time of the year - but man, right now it is on some next level shit. One of the main streets leading in to town has pretty much every single tree wrapped in lights, the hotels, inns and hostels are all done up and - this might be the best part - as we were driving past one of the hotels, there was a giant elk right out front grazing! He was being all cool and shit and just giving zero fucks about being among us humans. I had to do a double take because I didn't think he was real at first. He most certainly was.

Even though it was windy and therefore quite chilly in Banff, it was still so beautiful. Everything has a light dusting of snow on it, lights are everywhere, the chocolate and fudge shops make the air smell delicious. There are whole blocks in town that smell like hot chocolate - it's amazing. toss in the Beaver Tail places, the ice cream shops with the fresh made waffle cones, the specialty crepe shops and the aforementioned fudge and chocolate shops ... close your eyes and just for a second you just might feel like Hansel and Gretel, standing outside the witch's house.


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