Poem 533575907

What if I was stronger? What if I left sooner?
What if I had said something? Anything?

We’re the Tin Man looking for a Heart;
The Lion, looking for Courage;
The Scarecrow, looking for a Brain.

We can look back over our whole lives and the “what if” moments.
The girl we may have loved, the friends we might have made, 
the boy we may have married,
The thousand and one places we might have ended up and
The thousand and one different lives we might have led.

What if we loved this person and not that one?
What if we said this kind word and not that one out of anger?
What if we fought for this friendship and let go of that one?

Every “what if” moment is born out of choice.
Sometimes we make the right one, sometimes we don’t.

Be the Tin Man and choose with your heart.
Be the Lion and have Courage to follow Love.
Be the Scarecrow and choose Wisely.


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